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Berlanti believe that everyone deserves the right to healthy skin.

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The Skin Correction and Treatment System offered by Berlanti Cosmetics has produces truly notable and lasting improvements in the condition, quality, and appearance of the skin with safely and effectively in thousands of cases all over the world.Our skin care treatment is not a chemical peel based upon excessive applications of potentially dangerous agents such as phenol or tricholoracetic acid (TCA).Our products aret has been found to be an effective course of treatment for patients of all ages, skin types and skin colors. The skin at nearly all areas of the body may be treated, and the treatment may be periodically repeated. at home the patient, following simple, clearly-written instructions, administers his or her individually tailored treatment program at home. A stay in a hospital or other medical facility is not necessary.

The following pages describe in detail how the treatment system works, the optional treatment approaches available, the steps which the patient will follow, and what the patient may expect at each stage of the process.

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