Mia Sasha Miracle Foot Mask


After years of research and experience in manufacturing skiing care products, it brings us great joy to announce the launch of our latest formulation, the Mia Sasha Miracle Foot Mask.

Unlike most formulations on the market today, the Miracle Foot Mask does not contain the potentially harmful ingredient salicylic acid. In line with our belief in the superiority of using sad and natural compounds, our Miracle Foot Mask uses herbal extracts to achieve optimum results. Further, our newest product fundamentally change the way foot care functions, making the process more expedient and practical.

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Main Delivery Ingredient


The chemical bonding of cosmetic and drug ingredients to human skin cells provide one of the most exciting recent discoveries for delivering sustained topical benefits. The concept is deceptively simple.

The surface skin cells contain free amino, hydroxy, sufhydryl, carboxy, imino, and similar chemically reactive moieties in their protein and nucleic acid components that can be chemically attached, via a covalent chemical bond, to a cosmetic or drug molecule using an appropriate bonding agent attached to the drug or cosmetic ingredient.



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