Berlanti of California Skincare Program introduces a new Skin Correction and Restoration Program with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) from fruit acids for your Optimum In-Home Facial Kit. This brand is well known as a highly recommended skin care product line established in 1992 in many countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland.

Berlanti skin care products are made of carefully Join the very best Affiliate Program on the Internet as it relates to the Beauty Industry and beauty products.... Women control 90% of the disposalable income within the household; and we all know what that means...selected ingredients with the right combination in each product.  The brand offers an approach as a significant addition to the traditional approach of correcting the skin condition and re-storing it to its original condition through topical application of the creams and lotions.

The new added approach is through the Enzyme of DNA approach, which has the ability:

·         to re-awake and re-activate the enzyme to do its function correctly and properly

·         to nurture the enzyme with the right protein and nutrients

·         to provide and maintain the right environment for the enzyme to keep it active continuously

·         to ensure the duplication of the original

This approach combined with the latest delivery system, Saponins 325, will ensure the receiving of important delivery to the needed area.

This complete program is available without doctor’s prescription and consists of 11 different creams and lotions:

·         9 of basic easy-steps for facial daily use

·         1 special product for a deeper discoloration or hyper-pigmentation problem

·         2 products are incorporated with the once-a-week In-Home Mini Facial program to maximize result

·         3 body care products to help enhancing your muscle tone, which are: Stretch Mark Cream, Cellulite Formula, and Trimming Formula.

Using Berlanti as complete set program will multiply the benefits to the skin with longer results compare with most other skin care products.

Enjoy the program.